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            Project team is like an orchestra. Every single member is playing different line of notes but still, they all play in harmony to make a pleasant music. Project managers like conductors are there to insure the integrity and harmony of the team and to lead them towards achieving the project objectives.  Project managers could not do that without having a bright insight on individuals’ performance and the overall status of the project.  

My name is Farzad Hashemian, Project Management Professional (PMP®), project control and claim management adviser. As soon as I got my bachelor in civil engineering in 2003 I started my career path in project environment. While I was working as a technical engineer in various construction, engineering and procurement projects in oil and gas, infrastructural and building industry, I realized that the business aspects of a project are as important as the technical aspects. That was my inspiration to start my master in business administration (MBA) and getting graduated with distinction from University of Greenwich. After graduation I continued working in projects environment more focused on project management, project planning and project controls.

I am now active in project environment for over 15 years. I experienced different positions in various types of projects and different industries since 2003 and from then to the present my attempt has always been to have a comprehensive scientific and yet practical approach towards projects. My technical background as a civil engineer and my studies in business well equipped me for this mission.

I believe in the science of project management and I do trust in the necessity of the flow of knowledge. I believe that to be successful in project management just like any professional career you can never stop with learning and improving your knowledge. PMeyes is a platform for sharing the knowledge in the area of project management, project planning and controls, cost engineering, forensic analysis and claim management. My mission in PMeyes is helping you with developing your knowledge and to manage your projects with better insight!