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Book: Transformational Leadership

ISBN-13: 978-0805847628

ISBN-10: 0805847626


Authors: Bernard M. Bass, Ronald E. Riggio

Published by: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. 




Leadership is for sure one of the main roles of a project manager. PMI considers leadership as one side of the PM talent triangle that together with technical skills and business and strategic skills is required for a project manager to manage projects successfully. Transformational leadership is a leadership style which scientific researchers have proven its positive impact on project success. As James MacGregor Burns, one of the first people who developed the concept of TL, states, in transformational leadership, “leaders and followers make each other advance to higher level of morality and motivation”. Four components are defined for transformational leadership: Idealized Influence, Inspired motivation, Individual consideration and intellectual stimulation.

The book “Transformational Leadership” by Bernard Bass and Ronal Riggio is one of the first and most comprehensive books in the theory of TL, which is selected by many learning programs as the course book for learning leadership. Bass (1985) explains in this book how transformational leadership is measured and reviews different psychological aspects of the topic. For example, it describes the effect of TL on commitment and loyalty of the followers, its effect on performance, how TL influences stress in the system, the difference between men and women in transformational leadership, etc.

However this book may looks more theory than practical, it is for sure a good starting point for you as a project manager to get familiar with this concept. It consists of 15 chapters and it has in total 282 pages.  

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