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It is now proven that the project success is highly dependent on the project manager competencies and the level of organizational project maturity. According to PMI, the Project Manager competencies could be measured in three dimensions:

  • Knowledge: What the PM knows about project management.
  • Personal: The way the PM behaves, personality effectiveness, leadership,…
  • Performance: The ability of the PM in application of his or her knowledge.

When these three dimensions are combined with project maturity in the organization, you can expect a high level of project success with an effective project management.


PMI also introduces the PM talent triangle as the ideal skill set for a successful project manager. In fact, the level of advancement in all the three dimensions of PM competencies is highly dependent on the strength of the PM in each side of the talent triangle. The sides of this triangle are:


  • Technical Project Management: This refers to the knowledge of the project management techniques and methodologies and the ability to implement them to projects. As per PMI, competence development in this area could be acquired by sources of structured knowledge e.g. participating in courses and seminars and reading books and articles. 
  • Leadership: As it is understandable from its name, this element of the PM talent triangle refers to the PM ability to lead the people and manage project stakeholders. Team development, motivating the employees, coaching and mentoring, conflict management, negotiation, problem solving and other related soft skills are the abilities that categorized in this group. Advancement in this area requires the PM for a fundamental behavioural change, which means a combination of understanding the principles and actively applying them.
  • Strategic and Business management: The last side of the PM talent triangle, which refers to strategic knowledge and understanding of the industry. One of the main responsibilities of a PM is to insure achieving the project objectives within the organization strategy. Therefore a PM needs to have entrepreneurial spirit and have deep understanding of benefits management, business models, market analysis, business analysis, customer satisfaction, legal and regulatory compliance, contractual requirements, strategic planning, and so on.  


Understanding the importance of continuous self-development for the PM’s who are willing to keep themselves competent, PMeyes’ Knowledge Shelf is designed to help for finding useful sources of knowledge in all the three aspects of the PM talent triangle. Useful courses, online seminars and podcasts, books, journals and articles and whatever could provide with valuable information about successful project management will be introduced in this page.  


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