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How to organize an Interactive Planning Session (Part A)

The theoretical backbone of Interactive Planning (IAP) methodology has been introduced for the first time by Russel Ackoff in 1971; however it seems “Jacobs Engineering” is the company which developed IAP as a tool specifically for project planning and management based on the main principle that…

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Interactive planning: The best approach toward project planning.

For the first time, Russel Ackoff (1919-2009), a pioneer researcher in the field of systems thinking and management science, introduced Interactive planning as the most effective method for system planning. By looking carefully to the nature of projects, we realize that projects have all the cha…

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Project Planner or Claim manager?!

Who is responsible for project claims? [H1]

For every project, the final aim is to finish the project within the desired time, cost and quality framework. QC/QA specialists in every project are responsible to meet the quality requirements. But experience shows that in most of the cases, the …

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